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Great Job

I love the style. The colors work nicely and the theme is great. Keep up the good work.


AmericanRobot responds:

Thanks man. I really tried to limit my color pallet on this one. Glad to hear it was mostly successful.

Great Job!

I really like it, the styrofoam was a great idea, it really gives it depth as well as the added perspective you did with the posing and background. I'd put that on my wall.

SirKillington responds:

Thanks, I really appreciate it. My favorite one to do was the Tankmen, 8 pieces in all, heh.

Nice job

I enjoy the pose and the coloring, it has a lot of personality.

BizarroJoe responds:

Oh, thank you! Actually, working the way I'm trying now, "drawing" and "colouring" are, in fact, the same thing... I draw main, coloured shapes and build detail up from there... I suppose I needed a new method of work.

Nice work

You did an amazing job, my only suggestion is to fix the anatomy of the hand but, regardless, it's fantastic. The 3d glasses are the cherry to this visual cake.

It's beautiful.

Jeremy, this is pure genius. Teach me? Teach me!?

N3GATIV3CREEP responds:

First you need a pink highlighter, then about 30 seconds of free time, also god given greatness.

Good start

I say it's a good start because there a few things i like and dislike. I'll start with the likes. Your shading is great on this and it makes it dramatic and interesting, but then it looks like you forgot to shade in the face, the mouth works but without shading on it and no indication of lights it seems cartoonish. If you're going for a cartoon look, my mistake. The black back ground doesn't work because your character isn't blending well with it. There is so much dark in this piece that, in my opinion, drowns it out. If you had a light background with a dramatic shadow, i think it would make your artworks stand out more. But, all in all, I think it's a cool concept and keep up the good work.

sirhenrystudios responds:

Thanks for taking the time to critique my work dude, yea its still not finished all the way, still need to do the hands, hat and some more shading in a few places like the face and the mouth. I've been really busy writing a storyboard for my next short to finish this, so I just posted what I had done. Maybe when I finish I will do as you say and put a lighter background.

Great work

I love that you did this on lined paper as well as your use of dark lines. It reminds me of when I was in HS drawing in my binder. You captured it, great job.

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