Entry #41

Nine Lives of Claw

2016-02-22 14:01:56 by Lazymodecomics

Hey Folks,

Check out the Nine Live of Claw, a damn funny cartoon that I've been working on as the storyboard artist. It just premiered, check it out.


UPDATE: Here is the NG link to the video. 




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2016-02-22 17:00:43

Nice! Looks like they released it at 480p though - is there a 720 / 1080p version?

Also nudge them to do an NG release :)

Lazymodecomics responds:

I'll definitely push for it Tom! Glad you liked it. :D



2016-02-22 18:52:19

I liked it! It was a little goofy but was kind of endearing in that way. Can I ask what this was intended for? Just for web or a proof of concept for a series?

Lazymodecomics responds:

It's for an actually series and it's a proof of concept of sorts as well.