Who Saw The Deep - Issue #2

2012-07-23 03:56:18 by Lazymodecomics

Hey Newgrounders,

The new issue for Who Saw The Deep has been released, I waited a little to post about it but hey, I'm sure I'm forgiven.

We're three pages into Issue 2: Homecoming and we've picked up a lot of outside comic work so we're only uploading on fridays. Enjoy the new issue, drop some comments, show me some love. Also, we added some grey, go us!

See you in silico


Issue 2: Homecoming

Who Saw The Deep - Issue #2


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2012-07-23 04:21:47

I saw you way before SIlico

Lazymodecomics responds:

You don't say!



2012-07-23 10:58:28

Man I'm really wanting to do some graphic novel work I just suck at that style so hard. I'll definitely check out your stuff for reference!