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The Great Adventures of Bear Sullivan

3/30/13 by LazyModeComics
Updated 3/30/13

Hey Newgrounders,

I started a comic book for funsies. It's called The Great Adventures of Bear Sullivan and it follows the adventures of a dapper bear. He travels the world helping magical creatures and drinking large amounts of tea. For now I'll be uploading them every week, most likely on Tuesday, on a tumblr blog you can find here: Bear Sullivan

It isn't much of a place to post a web comic, but for now it'll do.
I also made a Deviantart Fan Page for it.

Have fun,


The Great Adventures of Bear Sullivan


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Really digging the art style. Maybe it's time to make a Tumblr account.

3/30/13 LazyModeComics responds:

Thank you good sir! ^5